Lookouts – May We Die in the Forest!

A D&D 4th Edition Campaign

Lookouts Creed

The Eyrewood reaches top to toe,

And through this wood we all must go.

Let winter freeze, and summer burn!

What men must know, a boy must learn!

Campaign Tenants

- Player Characters are all to be human males aged between 10 and 14. Girls belong to a different organization, the Daughters of the Eyrewood. This does not mean a player cannot be female, but they will play a male character.

- “May We Die In The Forest” – Being a Lookout is a dangerous business. They are put up against monstrous foes and not all of them make it out. It’s considered honorable among the tribe to die in the forest in defense of the greater culture.

- Don’t rely on adults – Adults point the lookouts on the path and may offer advice, but being a lookout is a rite of passage and the responsibility is on the kids to win the day. Think of it like Harry Potter. There are older, wiser and more capable wizards around constantly, but it almost always falls to Harry, Ron, Hermione and friends to save the day.

- Classes – You’ll choose a character class, but all players begin as Level 1 Lookouts. During the course of an early adventure you will be able to transform into your choses role. Additionally, the character classes will be Lookouts-ized versions of Core D&D classes. Powers that don’t fit the theme of the game might be removed, modified or replaced by something more appropriate.

- Starting equipment – Lookouts start play with a basic adventuruer’s kit, a standard issue Lookouts knife, a Lookouts Uniform, and a Diabolical Codex.

- Diabolical Codex – Also known as the “Lookouts Handbook”. Contains basic information on the creatures and monsters that dwell in the eyrewood

- Background – The Lookouts and their families make their home in the Eyrewood. A settlment with families, shaman, Lookouts Masters and elders exists, and you are the sons of this culture. It’s a dangerous place to live, and the continued survival of the culture requires children to pass through brutal rites of passage to grow up strong enough to defend their homes.

Lookouts "May We Die in the Forest"